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Empower Yourself Through Self-Guided Tarot Readings: Discover the Secrets of Tarot at Home

A Journey into Tarot Wisdom

Explore the ancient art of tarot from the comfort of your home. Our collection of resources, tools, and guides is dedicated to those seeking to enrich their lives through the practice of tarot card reading.

Deck Selection and Care

Discover the art of selecting and maintaining the perfect tarot deck for personal insight and growth.

Ongoing Learning

Embark on a continuous journey of tarot education with resources and guidance for readers of all levels

Digital Resources

Access a library of digital tools and apps to enhance your tarot reading experience from anywhere.

Reading Techniques

Experience the fusion of imagination and expertise with Études Architectural Solutions.

Community and Events

Join our vibrant community to connect with fellow tarot enthusiasts and participate in online events and workshops.

Symbolism Interpretation

Learn the deep symbolism within the tarot to unlock profound meanings and messages in your readings.

An array of resources

We’re building what you need to become a better tarot reader, from the comfort of your own home

Tarot at Home Website

  • Connect with a community of tarot lovers.
  • Dive into the mystical world of tarot.
  • Share your tarot reading experiences and stories.

Tarot at Home Newsletter

  • Explore insightful articles on tarot practice.
  • Learn from detailed case studies of real-life readings.
  • Get exclusive techniques for insightful tarot spreads.

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